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Rave Face Mask

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*Disclaimer - this is only one layer of cotton, and one layer of lycra/spandex. While great for raves or fashion, this mask is not up to the recommended standards for COVID-19. Please see our two layer cotton masks for the recommended protection by the CDC. *

They are however, FANTASTIC for raves! Front layer of super fun holographic spandex, and one cotton layer. So party in the front, business in the back. Please email us if you don't see a colour listed - we have tons of fabrics to choose form and are working to get a little bit of everything sew and listed!

For those on a budget - we have samples available! These are masks who’s stitching isn’t perfect, or some folds may be off. They are however, still wearable and sturdy. They just aren’t finished as nicely as I would like them to be. Currently, they are random only but email us if you’d like to order and we can see if we can get a specific pattern from the ones shown! 

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