About Us

Hey dolls, I'm Kate - a 29yr old dreamer, doer, artist, maker of beautiful things & free spirit.
My first ever event was SHM, along with my very first hand made tank (We've come a long way since then.) 
Fast forward that same year to Digital Dreams - I had seen tons of pictures from EDC & thought "Well if they can rock cray-cray outfits like that in Vegas, why not in Toronto?" And behold, my first bra happened. The compliments were countless!
First Rave Bra
Over the next few months I went to more events, and was always searching for outfits to add to my closet. But there was nothing in the area, and shipping from the states was SO expensive! I though "Well I've done one bra for myself, why not see if a few people are interested?" I posted this bra:
First Sale
to TRC (Toronto Rave Community) and holy shit balls, it exploded over night. The next day I founded FTS. Ever since then I've been creating custom bras, and supply super awesome outfits to beautiful girls around the world. I've opened my home to those in the area that want to come in & try things on and I've met so many amazing babes! I love taking custom orders & especially meeting you at events! Here's hoping I can create something beautiful for you, so you can free your spirit. ;)