How to Wash Leg Wraps

Leg wraps legwraps

If taken care of properly, your leg wraps will last for years of festival fun! Leg wraps may be thrown in the washer if you have a lingerie bag. The little mesh or light cotton bags keep them from getting tangled around other clothes or parts of your machine. If not its best to hand wash them. Feel free to use a small amount of your regular detergent. To dry, it's best to hang them. This prevents the silicone on the top of the leg band from deteriorating. However you can throw them in the dryer on a cool setting...

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Summer is fast approaching!

Welcome back! We hope you're loving the new site as much as we are! Browse around and feel free to email or leave a comment about things you'd like to see, or want improved! We're still updating it though - so keep your eyes peeled. We did a fabulous photoshoot with some gorgeous ladies and those photos will be up by the end of the month! We're adding a lot of stuff to prepare for the summer months ahead too. If you'd like a custom outfit, inquire now! They take anywhere from 4-6 weeks for completion and shipping so inquire...

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Welcome to the New Free the Spirit Website!

We've got a brand new website at last! Feel free to check out the new pages and be sure to let us know what you think! Here in our blog I'll be posting the latest updates, news and event announcements. Ready to shop? Click here to browse!

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