Why Pre-loved?

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Why Pre-Loved?

A few reasons really!

1) Festival tickets are freakin' EXPENSIVE. Getting a fabulous outfit shouldn't have to be. Whether you want a whole outfit for under $50, or want to mix a pre-loved top, with a new bottom - we have tons of options to make your outfit dreams a reality within your budget!

2) We see a ton of girls looking for outfits on Facebook Marketplace, or groups. We've also seen our fair share of girls unfortunately getting scammed by not so PLUR friends. We wanted to take some of that uncertainty out. By getting a pre-loved outfit for us - you are getting it from a trusted website giving you peace of mind that your outfit will arrive clean, and as planned.

3) Fast Fashion is the second highest pollution industry, second only to oil. We want to help give gorgeous items a second chance at a new home, while avoiding them going to the land fill. There are so many fabulous loved, and vintage pieces, and it breaks our heart to see them land up in our oceans and landfills.

4) One of kind outfits. We look for really unique and fun pieces, so you can stand out of the crowd at your next festival.

Got Questions?

What sizes are available?

We look for pre-loved items everywhere, and buy whatever style catches our eye in whatever size it is! We have various sizes available but are currently hunting for more plus sized items specifically!

Can you create a custom bra, on a pre-loved bra?

Absolutely. Whether you want to provide us with your own bra, or want to choose from one of our pre-loved bra - it's completely doable.

Are they clean?

All items are washed by me before they go up for sale. You can rest assured you item will arrive fresh, and ready to be worn!

Isn't buying used items kind of weird or gross?

No! When you go to a restaurant - do you think it's weird to eat off a plate someone else has? Or drink out of the same cup? Probably not. It probably doesn't even cross you mind. It's the same for clothes. Everything is washed before you wear it - just like your plates. No cooties here my friend.

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