Life without Festivals

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What a rough f*cking year.  Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect the pandemic as a whole, or Ontario’s lockdowns to last this long. No matter where you’re from, I imagine you’ve felt the same to some degree.  If you’ve finally gotten a chance to return to a festival, YAAAYYY! I am so, so happy for you. (While also being slightly jealous.) It’s been strange to be without them or just concerts and events in general for so long! My heart goes out to the nightlife and hospitality industry - which I imagine will be forever changed because...

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Why Pre-loved?

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Why Pre-Loved? A few reasons really! 1) Festival tickets are freakin' EXPENSIVE. Getting a fabulous outfit shouldn't have to be. Whether you want a whole outfit for under $50, or want to mix a pre-loved top, with a new bottom - we have tons of options to make your outfit dreams a reality within your budget! 2) We see a ton of girls looking for outfits on Facebook Marketplace, or groups. We've also seen our fair share of girls unfortunately getting scammed by not so PLUR friends. We wanted to take some of that uncertainty out. By getting a pre-loved...

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