Is Ever After the New Fyre Fest? Part 1


Covid-19. Two years of uncertainty for concerts and music festivals every where. Ever After Music Festival included. When the 2020 event became uncertain, ticket holders looked to event organizers for answers. For a festival that had arguably already paid deposits to start securing artists, venues & more - it’s understandable that Ever After had decided to roll tickets over to the new date instead of giving refunds. Who would have thought at the time this would turn into a 3 year pandemic?

But when the new date didn’t go ahead as scheduled, should Ever After have refunded tickets? Most purchasers seem to think so. Instead, attendees were asked to roll their tickets over again to an unknown 2022 date or list their tickets for sale on an exchange program. A program that also wouldn’t be open until 2022 dates were released. 

On February 14th 2022, E.A. announced August 12, 13 & 14th as its new date. A bit concerning to some attendees that had previously attended - as Ever After since it’s inception, had usually been held on the first or second weekend in June. 

What came as an even bigger surprise was the venue change, announced on Feb 28th. Ever After would no longer take place in Bingemans in Kitchener. The new home to EA was now Burls Creek Events Ground in Oro-Medonte. Over two hours away from the original location. 

Tickets purchasers however, didn’t find out the venue had changed until after the first ticket repurposing window had closed. Leaving hundreds of ticket holders out of pocket for a festival they could no longer attend. 

What festival goers are upset about is the fact Ever After communication - from ticket repurposing to venue change - has been mediocre at best, to downright non-existent. Ever After, Unity Travel & GetInPR were no where to be found when ticket holders started asking questions. As of July 20th, many ticket holders still cannot get a hold of any one at Ever After or their partner organizers for any clarification on what’s going on. Ever After has also deleted most of their social media posts through-out 2020 & 2021. A move reminiscent of 2017’s Fyre Fest.

Fyre Festival attendees were left stranded in Great Exuma after being promised a luxury festival experience, with zero communication from the organizers who held the festival. 

Many attendees have expressed frustration with a festival they previously loved, and we’re happy to see grow, year after year. 

“I’ve emailed EA several times since my tickets have been held up in the ticket repurposing window since 2020, and I still haven’t heard back from them. It’s still very unclear on whether I’ll be getting my ticket back, if I'll have to sell it privately myself, or if Ever After will be repurposing it. “ says Kel. 

It’s a sentiment held by many, frustrated that after 2 years they still don’t have answers. With the average ticket price being over $300, it’s a lot of money to lose out on after many people have struggled to keep up with bills due to covid closures, and rising inflation. 

Erica has also been extremely frustrated with the process. “I’m just wondering when refunds are going to be provided? I was told when someone buys my ticket, I would be given a refund. But when they are giving away new perks like free parking, how is my VIP ticket going to resell? It’s $300 I could put toward a bill. It’s so frustrating.”

Many others have expressed panic over the fact they still don’t have updated hotel & shuttle info, a month before the festival. 

If this has been the situation before the festival, it’s understandable people have concerns over the execution of the actual festival. Ever After was well on it’s way to becoming a national festival that garnered attendees from all over North America. It’s yet to be seen if they’ll be able to redeem the situation before the event is over.

- Kate

P.S.: Stay tuned for Part 2 with updated news about the venue. 

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