Ever After is almost here!

Hey babies! Ever After is almost a week away and I am getting super excited for it! I haven’t been to a festival since Dreams last summer, and the rave crave is reeeal. We’ve been having such shitty weather here in the GTA and I am totally ready for it to be summer full time now. Dancing around under the sun, grooving to Chris Lake – I mean are you not as excited as I am?!

I haven’t been to Ever After since 2016 – ah 2016, the peak of my festival hopping – and I am really intrigued to see how ever after has changed for the better. I know they have made some massive improvements since they first put on the show in 2015. The festival started as a two day event, and has now transformed into three days with camping, along with multiple pre-parties stemming from the tri-cities area to Club 77 in Hamilton.

EA has changed a few things in particular that I am super excited about. First of all being the sound quality and levels. EA starting working with PK Sound & Soundbox last year to help manage the noise levels, as well as directional sound and quality coming from the stages. In 2018, EA reduced the number of noise complaints from 130 in 2017 down to just 6. SIX. That is a MASSIVE decrease in complaints. Why does this matter? Festivals need to work together with host cities and towns to make sure it’s beneficial to both parties, so there’s a partnership for years to come. I’ve seen some good festivals go down the drain because they refuse to work with the cities they reside in. This is a great win for EA and as long as they are continually willing to work with Kitchener I see this event only continuing to grow & get better over the next few years.

Another change will be the water stations. While I didn’t go last year, the water was the #1 issue from festie goers that I saw mentioned online. Hydrating while you’re partying is super important, so it’s no wonder this was an issue for many people. This year though, EA has confirmed there will be 30 water spouts with 30+ dedicated staff to help run them. This is along the lines of what Dreams Fest has available, & I’ve never had an issue with water there; so fingers crossed this will be a non issue for them this year! But people – turn off the taps after you fill your bottle! Wasting water isn’t cool.

Another massive new implementation – and I believe the first from a festival in Canada – EA is allowing us to bring cannabis into the festival grounds! 10grams a day in pre-rolled form to be exact. Wanna know a secret? I’ve never smoked at a festival before! So this will be a fun first for me. Good on EA for being one of the first to introduce policies around cannabis!

And last but not least – I am excited to see you! My amazing customers, loyal fans, friends from a far. I cannot wait to run into you, trade kandi, & take pictures of your beautiful outfits! Honestly, nothing fills my heart more than meeting customers, or seeing you is something nice created for you. The festivals vibes & aesthetics will be one of my main focuses on the weekend. So please, PLEASE, Puuhleease stop me if you see me! I want to learn about you and why you LOVE Ever After!

Photo: Andrea C.

I cannot wait to see all of you there, and keep your  eyes peeled on my Instagram specifically throughout EA for live videos, meet-ups and photo ops! xo Kate

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